Rural Adolescent Girls

Between the ages 13-24 years.

Young Women

Between the ages 13-24 years.

Unemployed Women

Between the ages 13-24 years.

Business Information


We believe that children who are born in economically poor and vulnerable households can change their story as they grow and escape vulnerability and poverty. We also believe that children and young women need to be provided with information, infrastructure, skills and services to be empowered to create income and wealth and protect themselves and others from poverty.

In June 2022, WITAD with the support of Meridian International Center started implementing a program for the out-of-school rural adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) aged 13-24 years that will lead to: a) The acquisition of computer skills for education, workplace, and business; b) The reduction of new HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies (teen moms and other young mothers will also learn about prenatal and post-natal maternal care); c) Higher rates of returning to school and/or pursuit of post-high-school education; d) An increase in self-help projects and entrepreneurship by the AGYW and increased awareness about wealth creation: and e)  Poverty reduction and increased gender equality. If you are an adolescent girl or young woman, who is out of school due to pregnancy or lack of funds or illness or any other reason or unemployed between 13-24 years, you may apply to participate in this program below.

Adolescent Girls & Young Women

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