A program that enables adolescents (10 – 19 years) and the youth (15 – 35 years) to delay sexual activity, prevent unplanned pregnancy and diseases and access reproductive health services.

Young professional women
young professional women
HIV Testing
Family home
Family home

Adolescents i.e. young people aged between 10 – 19 years and the youth (aged 15 – 35) can unintentionally throw themselves and others in their households into poverty and vulnerability when they make bad choices relating to sexual and reproductive health (SRH). Our program enables adolescents and the youth to: 

  • Have the mental capacity to delay sexual activity until they have developed the appropriate psychosocial and emotional strength and physical maturity to manage all aspects of the activity and its consequences.
  • Feel safe to ask questions, share assumptions and seek advice related to sexual and reproductive health from their parents or guardians and health service providers.
  • Prevent unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Have easy access to affordable sexual and reproductive health services.
  • Lead purposeful lives.

Delay – Talk – Access – Prevent!

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